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Dorset base jumpers branded ‘idiotic’

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Two men who parachuted 60 metres (200ft) off a rock arch have been branded “idiotic and irresponsible”, according to the BBC.

The men were seen climbing up Durdle Door on the Dorset coast and jumping off at around 10:30 BST on Sunday.

James Weld who runs the estate where the arch is located said their actions endangered lives by encouraging others.

Last May, three people were seriously hurt jumping into the sea from the arch, leading to extraordinary scenes as the crowded beach was evacuated.

Signs are in place warning people not to climb Durdle Door.

Mr Weld, who manages the 12,000 acre Lulworth Estate on behalf of his family, said: “Climbing Durdle Door disturbs wildlife and is dangerous.

“Jumping off is life-threatening, requiring the emergency services and others to respond to a conscious decision by those who have no excuse not to be aware of the potential consequences.”

The coastguard said it had received reports of two people jumping at 10:30, but no assistance was required.

Image source: BBC

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