Egg shortage hits again as stores struggle to meet demand 

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Buckingham is faced with short supply of eggs as Stores Brace for Limited Supply

The egg shortage sparked by the outbreak of Avian Flu last year has affected Buckingham’s egg supply once again.   

The outbreak towards the end of 2022 not only led to a decrease in the availability of eggs but also resulted in an increase in their prices. Shoppers are already feeling the impact again this year.  

Egg shelves in popular stores and supermarkets in Buckingham have been reported as regularly empty, which has forced shoppers to search for eggs at other locations.

In a bid to manage the limited supply, stores in the small town have limited the number of eggs each customer can purchase. 

Residents have expressed concern about the forecasts of another egg shortage. Crockett, Local resident said: “I am up here all the time, it’s not too bad this morning, I must admit that I came the other day, and it was empty. There were only about two packets of eggs left, which was dreadful.”  

It has remained unclear on how long the shortage will last and when the egg supply operations will stabilize. Nevertheless, stores are hopeful of a swift solution to the egg crisis and are assuring their customers that they are working tirelessly to replenish their stock. 

A local resident said: “It was close to Christmas, there was a bit more shortage, it was more difficult to get eggs, and when you did manage to get them, you would find maybe the smaller packs.

“But now I think if you don’t find any in these shops, if you go elsewhere, you’re bound to find some. It’s just about finding where you can get them. Where there is a shortage, there are usually small packs and more expensive one might have to buy a couple of those.” 

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