FIA gives verdict on Grosjean crash

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Formula 1’s governing body has revealed the cause of the fire from which Romain Grosjean miraculously escaped following his crash in Bahrain last year according to Sky Sports.

The FIA published its findings after concluding its in-depth investigation into the incident from the opening lap of last November’s Bahrain GP. Grosjean, whose car was split in two and caught fire after it pierced the barriers, escaped with burns to his hands after spending 27 seconds in the car after impact.

Investigations found that Grosjean’s car struck the triple-guardrail barrier at 192kph (119mph) with a peak impact of 67G. The report also detailed how the heavily damaged Haas car caught fire.

“The car suffered extensive damage during the impact including separation of the power train assembly from the survival cell,” read the report.

“The fuel tank inspection hatch on the left-hand side of the chassis was dislodged and the engine fuel supply connection was torn from the fuel tank ‘safety bladder’; both providing primary paths for the escape of fuel from the tank.

“Due to damage to the survival cell and a number of components within the cockpit environment, Romain Grosjean’s left foot was initially trapped as the car came to rest,” read the report.

“The driver was able to free his foot by withdrawing it from his racing boot leaving the boot in the entrapped position in the car and then moved both the dislodged headrest and steering wheel to egress the car.”


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