Fly tipping incidents in Buckinghamshire still an issue

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Fly-tipped waste was discovered thousands of times in Buckinghamshire last year, according to The Bucks Herald..

Environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy said the high level of fly-tipping seen across England is a “tragedy” to the environment and to communitiesDepartment for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs figures reveal there were 3,140 fly-tipping incidents in Buckinghamshire in the year to March 2022 – though this was down from 3,954 the year before

Last year, a significant amount of fly-tipping in the area was discovered on highways (49%) and on council land (25%).

Of the discarded waste, the most significant proportion was household waste (45%) followed by household black bin bags (13%).

The data also shows councils paid £33,930 on removing large incidents of fly-tipping in Buckinghamshire.

Across England, 1.09 million fly-tipping incidents were recorded in 2021-22– a decrease of 4% from the 1.14 million reported in 2020-21. The cost of clearance to local authorities was £10.7 million last year.

The Defra figures show about 91,000 fixed penalty notices were issued across England in 2021-22, an increase of 58% from 2020-21.

And the number of court fines nearly tripled from just 621 in 2021-21 to 1,798 last year.

The value of all fines was £840,000 in 2021-22, more than doubling the £330,000 from the year before.

Yet in Buckinghamshire, 56 fixed penalty notices were issued last year, up from 34 in 2020-21. And 28 fines were issued by courts in the year to March – a fall from 32 the year prior. The total value of fines was £26,454.

IMAGE SOURCE: The Bucks Herald

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