Great Horwood scouts learn new skills for life at camp

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Great Horwood Scouts from the 1st group of the organisation have attended a weekend camp at Milton Bryan in Bedfordshire to learn new life skills that will help them such as preparation and planning

The activities in question included planning and organising such as having to think of their own menu and ascertain their routines as well as what they would need for their journeys

The purpose of this exercise was teamwork and an adult volunteer who spoke to the Buckingham Adveritiser before the exercise began said “This weekend gives them the opportunity to work together as a team”. 

The exercise seems to have served well and is quite unique as these people are taught various activities from making food to kayaking.

A scout who was part of the exercise spoke to the Buckingham Adviser before the exercise and said “We had to make our own sandwiches and carry them, along with drinks and a waterproof on the hike”.

“I was in charge of cooking bacon and beans this morning” 

It will be interesting to see what future events like this recent hike will bring and already there seems to be a positive impact on children joining the Scouts.

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