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Hamza Yassin opens nature center at Waddesdon

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A champion of Strictly Come Dancing and nature enthusiast opened a new conservation hub at a beauty site in Aylesbury Vale.

Hamza Yassin, the 2022 winner, inaugurated the centre on Saturday (8 June). The 34-year-old, self-described as a ‘nature-nerd’, mingled with fans at the Bucks event and stayed after the opening to chat with fellow wildlife enthusiasts.

He also led a discussion on wildlife, birds, and photography, expressing his enthusiasm: “I am thrilled to be part of this exciting new initiative. The Conservation Hub at Waddesdon Manor underscores the importance of nurturing natural habitats and educating future generations about wildlife wonders.”

The National Trust plans to use the hub for interactive workshops, wildlife camera streams, and nature trails, aiming to engage visitors in sustainability efforts. Dickon Leigh-Wood, sustainability lead at Waddesdon, commented: “Launching the Conservation Hub offers a unique opportunity for visitors to learn about our conservation work and connect with Waddesdon’s natural beauty.”

Hamza’s visit is part of Waddesdon Manor’s Flights of Fancy summer programme, focused on birds and featuring exhibitions, interactive events, and Louis-Denis Armand’s bird paintings from 18th-century France.

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