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Haunted areas in Buckinghamshire to be revealed in new paranormal book

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A new book covering the history of haunted buildings in Buckinghamshire is set to be released. Eddie Brazil has penned Paranormal Buckinghamshire, chronicling suspected otherworldly activity throughout the history of the county.

Eddie, a writer, photographer and psychical researcher, has brought together a chilling collection of supernatural experiences.

Among the eye-opening stories is the tale that Hughenden Manor is patrolled by the ghost of Benjamin Disraeli. Another suggests that a phantom horseman rides over Penn village.

In Aylesbury, Eddie writes of a haunted cottage where a murder took place in the 1960s, a ghostly vicar haunting a nearby village, and a mysterious 19th century murder.

While in Buckingham Eddie describes how the ghost of a priest is said to haunt the 15th century Castle House building.

And this isn’t the first time he’s written about Bucks, he’s already released Bloody British History: Buckinghamshire and 50 Gems of Buckinghamshire.

In the introduction to his new 96-page book, which is set to be published on August 15, Eddie writes: “Many of the strange encounters contained within this book display all the hallmarks of phenomena which at the present time has no rational explanation.

It is said that the book will delight ghost hunters as well as curious Bucks residents wanting to read a good story, and those who pick it up in search of a scare.

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