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Hospitality industry will take legal action over lockdown restrictions

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The hospitality industry in the UK will take legal action to prevent new lockdown rules as it could force pubs and other hospitality venues to close.

The Night Time Industries Association stated that there were no evidence to suggest that the hospitality industry contributed to the spread of the virus, which is why they are challenging the government. This comes as the government is preparing to unveil new covid-19 restrictions due to the recent increase of 12,000 daily cases.

Michael Kill, the boss of the Night Time Industries Association, said that the new covid-19 restrictions will have a negative impact on the industry and that the chancellor’s financial support package is not enough in order to keep businesses running.

The most infectious areas will be forced to close down their pubs, clubs and other leisure businesses. The chancellor promised to pay two-thirds of the workers’ wages if businesses are forced to close due to the new restrictions.

Photo by Adrea Mininni on Unsplash

News credit: BBC

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