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Influencers charged over a TikTok “Prank”

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Alan stokes and Alan Stokes have been arrested after allegedly staging two bank robberies.

If the culprits are convicted they may face up to four years in prison.

During the incident an Uber driver was held at gunpoint.

The twin brothers who have a total of 30 million followers.

The pair are accused of presenting themselves as criminals to an unsuspecting Uber driver and members of the public in Irvine, California on 15 October 2019.

In a YouTube video Alan and Alan are seen running away from a building wearing ski masks and carrying duffel bags filled with dollar bills.

They appear to ask innocent bystanders to give them assistance in the form of clothes or free car rides.

The Uber driver refused to give them a ride as the police were called by a member of the public who thought they were trying to steal the driver’s car.

When the police arrived, the driver was held at gunpoint, but later it was confirmed that he was not involved with the incident that was being filmed by the culprits. The main purpose of this was to gain new viewership for their social media platforms.

At the time the police let the twins go with a warning for their bad behaviour.

“The elaborate prank was against the law and could have gotten someone serious hurt or even killed” said Mr Spitzer.

“Law enforcement officers are sworn to protect the public when someone calls 911 to report an incident”.


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