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It’s unofficial: cricket club knocks world record for six

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Buckingham Town Cricket Club attempted a Guinness World Record to achieve the most runs completed in 12 hours by a group, last Sunday.

The attempt took place between 7.30am and 7.30pm at Buckingham Town Cricket Club on Bourton Road.

The target was to run 66,000 yards which is 3000 lengths of a cricket pitch. They managed over half of their target by running over 6800 lengths which is 149,600 yards.

According to Guinness, it could take as long as 12 weeks to review the attempt and officially declare BTCC the current record holders.

Buckingham player Dane Tuttlebee and Clubhouse Manager Ernie McDade came up with the idea of a Guinness attempt for runs after seeing a similar successful attempt in a swimming pool.

Ernie said: “We had no massive ambition to set a world record that will never be broken, that’s not why we did it.

“We just had the idea to do a fundraiser which will be split between the club, the playgroup and a lovely local charity, Alec’s Angels.

“We opened this up to everyone, so everyone who took part is to thank.”

Coronavirus has hit cricket clubs hard, as cricket was one of the last sports to get back to playing, so the club came up with this innovative way of raising money.

The event included refreshments, competitions, a coaching clinic and entertainment. They celebrated in the evening with an outdoor cinema and fireworks.

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