Last days of January snow after the tragic floods.

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Locals enjoying today’s snow, after the last tragic floods that happened last month.

Last 23rdof December, Buckingham faced heavy rain that caused many damage around Buckingham town.

After the Great river Ouse, floods, at 8:30 pm, nelson street has been announced as closed road by Buckingham town council.

Many people living on nelson street, had to evacuate from their homes, and many cars was completely drowned by 8 am the 24th.

However, after the tragedy, today’s snow was the big reveal, the locals enjoyed the week end, with gorgeous white carpet that covered the town.

Families and children was enjoying the snow, by building snowmen, playing with their dogs  and releasing the stress of lockdown and the tragic floods.

Social distancing was maintained and many people were wearing masks, as enjoying the wide spaces of Buckingham’s town .


Buckingham town council is looking forward to sign up for  future floods volunteers or other emergencies on their website, if interested you can email them on




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