Housebuilder donates £1,500 to Buckingham-based food bank

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Against a backdrop of escalating food prices since 2021, the Food Foundation think tank has issued a stark warning: food poverty among families is on the rise. Shockingly, nearly 4 million children in the UK were in food poverty in 2023, with one in five households resorting to skipping meals or enduring entire days without eating.

The food bank charity Jedidiah, driven by a deep-seated commitment to eradicating hunger since 2020, has steadfastly pursued its mission to ensure no one goes without a meal. The pandemic and the ever-increasing cost of living have only fuelled their resolve, leading their team of volunteers to extend support to an expanding number of families each week across three branches. Their efforts have resulted in the delivery of thousands of meals, providing solace and sustenance to those in need.

A recent £1,500 donation from Barratt North Thames’ further bolsters Jedidiah’s efforts to support local families in Buckingham. Marc Woolfe, Director of Sales & Marketing said: “Food insecurity is becoming an increasing concern for many, and for Buckingham to have a brilliant charity right at its doorstep is ever-so reassuring. We are so honoured to support Jedidiah, and hope that our donation will keep up their efforts in ensuring no one’s sleep hungry.”

Cynthia Stroud, Founder of Jedidiah added: “We have seen a rise in demand for our services in the last few years and want to ensure we never let anyone feel alone. It is with the support from businesses like Barratt North Thames, who are a massive support in upholding our aims and ensuring the local community is always supported.”

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