Lockdown Stories

Lockdown Stories: Dean Jones

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They said ‘these times were sad and strange’

They closed schools and sent the children home

They taught and learned from laptop screens

They juggled work and home and social life

They tried to occupy locked-in teens

They began adapting and adopting

They said ‘stop moaning it’s not so bad’

They watched other people flout the rules

They wrote ‘these covidiots drive me mad’

They closed their shops and businesses

They furloughed staff to get them through

They grew anxious about finances

They ‘kept calm’ as ‘us British’ often do

They stuck rainbows in their windows

They stayed at home indoors for days

They played virtual games and quizzes

They watched online musicals and plays

They stood outside their homes as families

They clapped at eight on Thursday nights

They tried to explain it to their little ones

They smiled and held their loved ones tight

They saw ballet dancers in their kitchens

They performed and collaborated on Zoom

They held birthday parties over Whatsapp

They celebrated remotely from living rooms

They kept kids active watching Joe Wicks

They stayed at home without their friends

They played with siblings in their gardens

They didn’t go out on weekends

They couldn’t watch their favourite bands

They couldn’t play football on the field

They washed and sanitised their hands

They 3D printed PPE face shields

They started counting up the dead

They watched the death toll quickly rise

They began to see the dark reality

They wiped the tears away from eyes

They lost their closest friends and family

They watched their funerals online

They stayed at home alone remembering

They sipped on yet another glass of wine

They watched the official daily updates

They watched leaders receive intensive care

They rationed oxygen and hospital beds

They opened new hospitals everywhere

They didn’t know what the end might look like

They knew that everything would change

They talked of these times often

They said ‘these times were sad and strange’


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