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Nearly a third of Buckinghamshire residents often feel lonely

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A new study reveals that 29% of Buckinghamshire residents frequently feel lonely, according to findings released ahead of Loneliness Awareness Week. Additionally, 9% of people in the county have no close friends, as reported by The Belonging Forum’s county-level analysis using multilevel regression with poststratification (MRP) on a survey of 10,000 individuals.

The town of Wycombe shows the lowest life satisfaction rates in Buckinghamshire, with 19% of residents reporting occasional or no satisfaction. Conversely, Milton Keynes Central has the highest loneliness rate at 31% and the lowest sense of connection to their neighbourhood or street, with only 46% feeling connected.

In contrast, residents of Chesham and Amersham exhibit the highest life satisfaction levels, feel most connected to their neighbour’s and local area, and have the strongest sense of community in the region. They also express the highest confidence in their local councillors, with 27% feeling well-represented compared to other areas in the county.

The data highlights that residents in rented accommodations often experience higher levels of loneliness, insecurity, and disconnection from their local area. Notably, 40% of those in private rented housing feel lonely, compared to 29% across the general population.

Young women aged 18-24 are particularly affected, with 51% experiencing loneliness, a higher proportion than the overall average of 29%.

Loneliness Awareness Week aims to spotlight these issues and encourage connections within Buckinghamshire and beyond, fostering a sense of community and support.

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