New skate park for Buckingham finally set to be installed

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Kids in Buckingham will find the town’s skate park out of action during the summer holidays, as that’s when the town’s long-awaited new skate park is set to be installed.

It is three years since Bucks Council agreed to provide £200,000 a new skate park for Buckingham, using Section 106 (S106) money received from developers, following a residents’ petition led by town councillor Jon Harvey.
The initial plan was for installation to begin in spring 2021. This was postponed until after the summer holidays in 2021, but then there was no progress until February this year, when Bucks Council said it expected work to start in May 2023, blaming the Environment Agency for the delays..
But in a further delay, it has now been announced that work is set to start this July and should be completed by October.
Town councillor Jon Harvey, who led the campaign for a new skate park said: “After many years of delay, Buckingham’s youngsters are finally getting the much-needed revamp of the local skatepark. Hooray!

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