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Night in Buckingham transforms with vintage dance experience!

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Buckingham took the plunge into a mesmerizing world of silent disco, where individual beats met collective moves, creating an unforgettable dance experience. 

The popular 70’s dance phenomenon took over by storm in town at the woolpack pub on Saturday night and was open to those aged 18 and above.  

The flashy headphones lit up the cote in the pub with vivid colors, intensifying the already thrilling atmosphere as people danced literally to their own rhythm. 

Kelly Webb, General Manager of Woolpub said: “It’s something different, I’m trying to bring something different to Buckingham and ultimately inclusive to everybody of any age.  

“They are great fun, they bring to life that vibe that you have in a club when you can’t hear each other and you’re screaming at each other saying, ‘This is my song! Let’s go! Let’s go’……but this time you’re right next to each other and you can just lift the headphones off whenever you want to” 

The exclusive event was fueled by an open bar, sonic beats and irresistible shot deals. Guiding the night’s epic journey with finesse and flair to his tunes for the first time in a silent disco was DJ Mike.

And he said, “I’ve got three separate playlists going on. Only one channel can hear me, so I’m more consumed in what I’m doing. But I can see people in a room on different channels, listening and dancing to different things.  

“I’m having a competition with myself, literally. It’s completely different from having everyone in one room listening to the same thing, but this just creates a sort of massive atmosphere that makes it different.” 

Locals experienced a unique dance atmosphere with friends and strangers coming together to enjoy the silent disco. Attendees expressed joy and laughter as they danced in their own styles. 

Locals having fun at the silent disco
Group dance at the silent disco

Local resident, Julie, said: “This is my first time attending a silent disco and it’s been so fun, taking your headphones off and it’s the funniest, just seeing other people singing and dancing” 

Another local, Sarah, said: “It’s my first time and it’s slightly odd, I guess because you’re just seeing people dancing, but I do like some of the tunes, it’s been right on time, some I haven’t heard, and I probably won’t remember after tonight. But it’s been good music.”  

The exclusive dance party born in the 60’s brought a quirky twist to the town’s nightlife, as people partied without audible music. The event left an impression in the town, promising more dance-filled evenings to come. 


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