One researcher says that there is more to the JFK assassination

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“Who really killed John F Kennedy? “is one of the questions which continue to be asked decades after he was murdered.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated sixty years ago on November 22nd. Since then, there have been numerous theories on the real reason or person behind the assassination of America’s 35th President.

John Hamer is one such theorist and writer who has researched the contentious issue for years, resulting in his latest book, “JFK – A Very British Coup: The Definitive Truth of the Assassination.”

Hamer was the speaker on the topic at the University of Buckingham, where he questioned the official statement that a lone person, Lee Harvey Oswald, was the sole assassin.

Hamer speaks on other entities, including The English Crown, disgruntled oil tycoons and the CIA.

After the hour-long presentation, one of the attendees asked, “There’s a lot of information about what didn’t happen. But tell me, how was he killed?”

Hamer responded, “No one can say for sure.”

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