Over 1,000 sewage overflows occurred in Buckinghamshire’s waterways last year.

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In 2022, Buckinghamshire witnessed more than 1,000 raw sewage discharges into its waterways due to storm overflows, frequently triggered by heavy rains or sewage system overload. These overflows, aimed at averting urban flooding, carry substantial ecological repercussions.

According to the Environment Agency, there were approximately 1,100 such incidents, totaling 13,536 hours of discharge within the region. Thames Water was responsible for 718 of these occurrences, while Anglian Water contributed 386.

Notably, this data may not encompass the full extent of pollution, as cross-boundary overspills from neighboring regions can also affect Buckinghamshire. Urgent action to address sewage and river management issues is imperative to safeguard both environmental and human health.

Government-mandated targets and a significant £56 billion investment over 25 years are in place to tackle storm overflows, along with upcoming requirements for water companies to disclose action plans for each overflow site in England.

Source: Bucks Herald

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