Over 145,000 trees planted through Bucks Tree Mission

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The council’s tree planting project in Aylesbury and Buckingham has passed a significant milestone as over 145,000 trees have been planted since October 2022.

The project was launched two years ago and saw the local authority committed to planting over 543,000 new trees on council-owned land in the county within a decade.

The plan, to plant a tree for every resident, is part of the council’s wider climate change and air quality strategy.

Councillor Gareth Williams said: “This winter has seen a fantastic community effort across the entire county, and it’s inspiring to witness such progress in planting a whole new generation of trees in Buckinghamshire.

“This is all part of our Bucks Tree Mission to plant over half a million trees in Buckinghamshire as part of our climate change commitment to reach net zero no later than 2050.”

Between October 2022 and March 2023, large scale planting projects and community planting initiatives have been completed successfully.

The project allows all residents to get involved, with volunteers and schoolchildren having the opportunity to attend planting days and create new woodland.

In Buckingham town, a ‘tiny forest’ has been established in Bourton Park, consisting of 600 trees.

Further afield,  a lease has been signed with Forestry England to create a new woodland in Bucks near Wing, planting 132,000 trees over the next 12 months. During April, Forestry England already planted over 109,000 trees at the new Wing Woods.

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