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Plans for a new, multimillion-dollar Hollywood film studio in Bucks that will support 1,200 employees have been finalised

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The suggestions are anticipated to receive a final decision in January.

Final plans for a new permanent big Hollywood studio in Bucks have been sent to the Bucks Council in anticipation of approval.

Wycombe Studios, envisioned by Stage Fifty as a 26-acre, eight-studio complex, would be developed in the county.

The new studio is expected to earn £305 million and draw foreign film and television productions.

Under temporary approval, the first of potentially eight stages has been constructed.

According to Stage Fifty, the council will make a final decision in January 2023.

The studio expects the location to support 1,200 jobs overall and to be a viable community.

It’ll be located close to High Wycombe, off the M40.

Stage Fifty intends to add tree screening and green walls on the stage buildings to fit in with the tree line and reduce the view for the studio’s Claymoor Park neighbours. This is part of their effort to make the new structure sustainable.

The studio continues, “Specially constructed cladding with faded grading will let the stages blend with the scenery and skyline.”

“We want to establish a sustainable studio that the people of Wycombe are proud of, one that will create exciting new jobs for the community and generate about £305 million Gross Value Added,” stated James Enright, CEO of Stage Fifty.

“Once the council makes a decision, things may move forward swiftly because of the creative architecture of our sound stages, which allows us to construct structures quickly. Around 750 full-time employment will be supported by the studio once it is fully operating, along with 450 indirect jobs in the supply chain. Additionally, through providing traineeships and industrial placements at Wycombe Film Studios through Stage Fifty’s Academy of Creative and Technical Arts, we will enhance the talents of young residents (ACTA).

“Our goal is to build a studio that is not only sustainable in its construction but a place where people are excited to work in the heart of Buckinghamshire. Ultimately, we want Wycombe Film Studios to set the benchmark, attracting filmmakers from all over the world.”

One Claymoor Park resident has praised the studio for listening to local residents during its planning process.

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