Residents asked for their views on the future of Buckingham

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This event marks the beginning of a Buckingham Future Scenarios Consultation with Buckingham residents.

Future scenarios generate discussions about Buckingham’s prospective development, not policy. They are the result of intensive research that extends over 20 years.

The consultation session is an open opportunity provide feedback on four different situations.

“The scenarios consultation is part of a process that involves you, the people of Buckingham, at the early stages of the new neighborhood plan development,” said Buckingham Mayor Cllr. Anja Schaefer.

Neighborhood Development Plan (BNDP) for Buckingham has been in place for eight years.

A working group consisting of town council members and locals has been diligently gathering evidence since January in order to make future plans.

Six focus groups discussed design, history, environment, business, transportation, arts, leisure, and strategic objectives for Buckingham’s development.

Potential development and environmental policies have been examined by two task groups.

Local organizations, secondary schools, churches, sports and art clubs, and passionate local environmentalists have all spoken at these monthly groups.

Assessment of housing needs identifies the minimum homes required by 2040, considering resident needs and various forms of affordable housing.

A High Street study (funded by Buckingham & Villages Community Board and supported by Buckingham Town Council) is also taking place.

The public scenario consultation will run from 25th November – 18th December.

An online version of the consultation form will also be available on the Town Council website from the 25th of November.

The consultation will ask local people where they think the development of new housing in Buckingham should take place.

Source: Bucks Herald


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