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Rise in Alabama Rot Cases Affecting Dogs in Buckinghamshire

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Alabama Rot, is a deadly disease affecting dogs, causing concern in the United Kingdom, especially in Buckinghamshire.

Scientifically known as CRGV, damages dogs’ blood vessels and kidneys, often leading to death within days.

Early symptoms include unexplained lameness and skin lesions. The disease progresses quickly, causing severe kidney damage.

Heather Brogden from Buckinghamshire sadly lost her dog, Yogi, to Alabama Rot. Her experience highlights the disease’s dangers.

On 12th December, Yogi woke up lame in his right paw. Vets could not find anything and prescribed pain relief.

The pain relief worked within a day. Yogi seemed fine, but walking on gravel still made him uncomfortable.

Heather later read that Alabama Rot can start with unexplained lameness, realising Yogi’s lameness was an early symptom.

It was first identified in the United Kingdom in 2012, has no known cause. It can affect any dog breed or age.

There have been 324 confirmed cases in total with 15 cases so far in 2024 reported across the United Kingdom. The disease is more common in winter and spring, often after wet weather.

There is no specific cure for the disease. Early detection and supportive treatment can sometimes improve survival chances.

If symptoms like skin sores or unexplained lameness appear, seek immediate veterinary attention to increase chances of recovery.

Vets advise dog owners to wash their pets’ paws after walks and seek immediate help if symptoms appear. Alabama Rot remains a  threat to dogs in Buckinghamshire.

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