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Royal Latin School requests old sports uniforms for charity

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An ex-student of the Royal Latin School founded a charity that is requesting the school’s old P.E. Kits.

Akwaaba Volunteers have been operating in Ghana since 2016, working with more than 1000 young people and families.

Jordan Palmer, who once attended the Royal Latin School, founded the charity alongside King Boateng.

According to the Akwaaba Volunteers website,Jordan spent time in Accra as volunteer and fell in love with the people, culture and the country and King grew up in Accra before pursuing a career as a professional footballer in the UK. Both founders share a passion for creating better opportunities for young, disadvantaged people in Ghana through 4 key areas, health, education, sports and working with animals.

Friends of the Royal Latin School would like to help Jordan in her efforts to equip the children in Ghana with equipment for sports.

The Royal Latin School sports department has already sent some of the old ‘green RSL logo’ P.E. kits, but the charity is welcoming further donations.

The donations of the old kits are being accepted in bags at the Royal Latin School’s main office.

For those not associated with the Royal Latin School, information about volunteer opportunities can be located on the Akwaaba Volunteers website:

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