Stowaway festival successfully returns for 5th year

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The Stowaway festival returned this year, delivering a show that suited everyone over the weekend. The headlining acts included Crazy P Soundsystem, Dan Shake and Eats everything, all delivering incredible performances. But the most looked forward to act was drum and bass legend Goldie who made up a last addition to the music after Roy Ayers pulled out of the show.

The festival was held at Blackpit brewery, just outside of Stowe in Buckingham. Set in a woodland backdrop, the event blended into its surroundings. There was even lake-swimming and kayaking on offer for those brave enough to face the cold.

But the festival included lots of entertainment away from the main stage. There was something to suit all interests, with a roller disco, fair-ground rides, boutique stall and even a woodland theatre. 

Also on site were plenty of drinks vans and street food vendors, travelling from up and down the country to keep festival-goers partying late into the night. 

This was the 5th annual instalment of Stowaway, previously known as the festival of beer. The event becomes more popular each year as they cater to all ages making it possible for families to enjoy together as well as suiting those who love to party.

Speaking to individuals who attended, many explained how the size of the festival suited them very well, allowing big name artists to be seen more intimately without having to travel across the country.

One guest summed up the experience by saying: ‘The vibe is amazing, the food is amazing, and the music’s great!’

There’s the option to camp for the whole weekend, or for those who live more locally, to go home overnight before returning on a weekend ticket the next day to do it all again.

After their change to main headliner Roy Ayer, Goldie was announced in replacement. But this proved to be successful, as many looked forward to and enjoyed the talent he put on display during Saturday night.

Following the success of this year’s festival, it’s more than likely we can expect to see Stowaway return next summer for a sixth year, hopefully with another selection of promising entertainment.

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