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Studies estimated 100,000 infected every day

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Analysis suggests that an estimate of 100,000 people are catching coronavirus everyday in UK.

Study shows that the coronavirus pandemic is accelerating at a fast rate as the number of people being infected is doubling every nine days. The React-1 study of Covid-19 is the most accurate assessment of the number of infections in the country with nearly 86,000 volunteers raking part.

Robert Jenrick, Communities Secretary, stated that the government does not have a plan to do a full nation lockdown because the move “would be destructive to people’s lives and livelihoods and broader health wellbeing”. Studies warn that the UK is now fast approaching the peak in the number of infections.

Cases are rising in every age group and in every region with the highest currently in the North, the South rapidly surging, and London having the highest rate at which an infected person passes on the virus of 2.86.

Photo by Anastasiia Chepinska on Unsplash

News credit: BBC

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