Success For School of Business Master Students In The University

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Recently, a group of interdisciplinary master’s students from the School of Business’s Accounting & Finance, MBA and Marketing programmes participated in a challenging 3-day business competition for Cesim Elite Europe 2024.

Their dedication, teamwork, and unwavering positivity throughout the event were truly commendable. The competition consisted of 124 students, 29 teams across 10 countries and 21 universities.

Asad Iqbal, Luke Ford, Jinying Zhan, Sabur Aloyinlapa, and Kunyalala Glalah, gave their all and excelled in every aspect of the competition.

From fostering an environment of support and collaboration to thinking out of the box and showcasing their entrepreneurial spirit in running their own online company, they have enhanced and developed many skills.

As a result, they were able to achieve the highest score in one of the tasks. The winning clip was well planned and executed.  The students were supervised by Dr Soudabeh Bolourian and Dr Sarah Evans-Howe.

The team’s name was, “Bucks and Beyond”, and we are quite sure this will be their mantra as they move on to exciting new adventures in the future!  “Bucks and Beyond” have proven themselves as winners.

Their journey in this competition was a source of inspiration.

Asad: What an incredible three-day journey! These days were filled with so many experiences that encapsulating them in a few lines is challenging. From learning and enjoyment to facing challenges, strategizing, implementing plans, adapting, and, most importantly, demonstrating outstanding teamwork, it was truly remarkable.  Our gratitude towards Sudi, Sarah, and Deba knows no bounds for their exceptional support.  I highly encourage everyone to take part in this or similar future events to gain a firsthand experience of the professional environment. Just a few hours can provide insights equivalent to years of experience.

Kunyalala: A chance to participate in the CESIM Elite competition was an opportunity that I almost didn’t take for several reasons. In hindsight, it provided an excellent platform to apply my knowledge and experience, and personally challenge myself. I’m grateful to the University of Buckingham, Sudi, Sarah and Deba for making it possible.  I would also encourage everyone to participate if possible!

Luke: Taking part in the Cesim Elite Competition was a thrilling experience, I have also learnt so much from my team members which I will take into my professional career. The competition gave me the opportunity to put my learning into practice in a risk-free environment.  I am so grateful for the outstanding support that Sudi, Sarah and Deba gave us. As well as the opportunity provided by the School of Business at the University of Buckingham. I would highly recommend everyone to participate in an experience like this.


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