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Tesco’s Veggie Drama: Garden Peas Stage a Recall Act!

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Tesco has issued a recall for its Growers Harvest Garden Peas amidst concerns of potential contamination.

The supermarket giant is urging customers who have purchased this product to return it due to a possible presence of an unidentified berry, raising potential health risks if consumed.

Taking to social media, Tesco made a public announcement advising customers against consuming the affected product and assuring a full refund upon returning the frozen food item to any store.

Notably, customers are not required to present a receipt for the refund process. The recall affects 18 batches of the 900g bags of Growers Harvest Garden Peas, all with expiry dates falling between January 2024 and April 2024.

In their official statement, Tesco expressed apologies for any inconvenience caused to customers and emphasized their commitment to prioritizing customer safety and satisfaction.

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