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The fracking vote of the Aylesbury and Buckingham MPs was made public

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Yesterday in the Commons, the Labour motion that would have required a vote on the bill banning fracking was lost.

A Labour motion that would have required a vote on a bill to ban fracking was defeated on Wednesday in the House of Commons thanks in part to the votes of Aylesbury MP Rob Butler and Buckingham MP Greg Smith.

Westminster saw turmoil on Wednesday as Grant Shapps took over as Home Secretary in place of Suella Braverman.

After that, there was a vote on fracking, which many interpreted as a “confidence vote” in Liz Truss as premier.

There have been allegations of abuse and intimidation in the voting lobby, while government politicians have refuted these claims.

Along with the vast majority of his Conservative colleagues, the MPs from Aylesbury and Buckingham opposed the motion, which was defeated 326 to 230.

322 Conservative MPs as well as 2 DUP MPs abstained on the resolution.

167 Labour MPs, 33 SNP MPs, 7 Independents, 14 Lib Dem MPs, 2 SDLP MPs, 1 Alliance MP, 3 Plaid Cymru MPs, 1 Green MP, and 1 Alba MP voted in favour of it.

In addition, 82 lawmakers—including 27 Labour, 31 Conservative, 11 SNP, 6 Independent, 6 DUP, and 1 Alba Party—did not participate in the voting process or abstained.

The four members of parliament who served as vote counters, the seven members of Sinn Féin who did not take their seats, the Speaker, and the three Deputy Speakers are not counted in the vote totals.

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