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The ‘perfect’ way to cook pasta on a budget – but Italians may not agree

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According to the Daily Mirror.

As a result of the rising cost of living and Christmas pressures, millions of us are currently trying to cut spending.

There’s a clever hack shared by an Instagram foodie for using less energy when you cook pasta – and it doesn’t affect the taste. A food lover says it makes ‘perfect’ pasta every time.

Monique, who can be found on Instagram as @ambitiouskitchen, is known for her cooking tips – but this one has caused quite the stir.

In one recent clip she showed her unique way of cooking pasta without using any energy after the first two minutes which has divided opinion amongst her followers.

She says in the clip: “I’ve just learned the coolest energy conservation tip for making pasta.

“So you’re going to cook your pasta in boiling water for two minutes. Then you’ll turn the heat off, cover it, and let it sit for 10 minutes.

“Then your pasta will be perfectly cooked every single time.”

In the clip she lets the pasta cook in the boiling water to let it bubble away for two minutes but then allows it to keep cooking with the energy off before eating it.

The video has raked in over 30,000 views as people flock to find out more about this savvy money saving hack, but some are not so impressed and say this will not give you the same quality of pasta.

One person commented: “This video needs a trigger warning for Italians.”

While another stated: “Not all pasta cooks in the same time frame…awful advice for making good pasta.”

A third stated: “You must be joking right? You can’t be serious. That’s not a good way to make pasta because you’re not releasing all of the starch from it – you guys. Just stick with the regular plan.”

IMAGE SOURCE: DAILY MIRROR / Image:  @ambitiouskitchen/Instagram)

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