To commemorate its 30th anniversary, the Old Gaol Museum in Buckingham has announced a new free online feature

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The renowned location is also commemorating another great achievement.

A renowned historical museum in Buckingham introduced a new online feature in front of its 30th anniversary.

For those who are unable to visit the museum in person or who cannot access its upper floor, the Old Gaol Museum has recently launched a virtual museum tour.

The Old Gaol building is commemorating its 275th birthday in addition to marking the museum’s launch on its 30th anniversary.

We have been busy preparing for the celebration, claims Mike Wisbach, secretary at Old Gaol.

“Anyone may take a free, in-depth tour of the Old Gaol’s architecture and museum thanks to our new 3D tour. Michael adds.

“We wanted to make the experience accessible to those who couldn’t safely manage our old building’s uneven floors and staircases.

The recently released virtual tour was produced by Venue View.

The museum is looking for more volunteers so that it can host more exhibitions in 2023.

At the Old Gaol, we are all volunteers. Joanne Thompson, the board of trustees’ chair, says. And right now, there are some fantastic prospects for newcomers.

Old Goal specifically requires support with business operations and retail staff.

The museum claims that no prior knowledge is necessary.

We are a very amiable group, says Joanne. And the Old Gaol is a fantastic location to spend some time introducing locals to Buckingham’s history.

Interested parties are urged to inquire in the museum store or send an email to to the trust.

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