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Town council and university elections

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The Town Council has been informed of three elections that took place in Buckingham as a result of councillor resignations. These elections took place on the 2nd of November and they were held in the following wards:

The North Ward of the Buckingham Town Council
The South Ward of the Buckingham Town Council
The East Ward of the Buckinghamshire Council

The candidates for representation on the town council were chosen by the voters. campaigns for candidates seeking elected offices were run, and the victors of those campaigns were chosen.

One of the victors is Lucy Draper, who defeated Simon Howard Wells in the election with a vote tally of 414 to 376, making her the victor in that duel. She has a number of different reforms in mind for the municipal council.

In a manner very dissimilar to the elections that took place for the town council, annual elections were also held at the university. The election was stressful, and the competition for the various positions was fierce.

At the university, the candidates vying for president of the student union and president of the sports club faced off against one another, but only one of them could emerge triumphant in their respective elections.

Toby Corbett defeated Louis Groarke for a second time to become the President of the Student Union with almost 200 votes to Louis Groarke’s 40 votes. the Buckingham Sports Union, on the other hand, Jeron Jhonson had a close vote, but Chloe Swaton was defeated with 55 votes to 48.

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