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Two men splitting raffle tickets end up winning $18k

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Two men, who recently attended a Boston Red Sox game, had no idea they’d walk away with thousands of dollars — and a new lifelong friend.

The Red Sox fans were sitting next to each other on Friday, watching the team play the Cleveland Indians at Fenway Park, when the serendipitous encounter happened, according to a Tweet from the Red Sox Foundation, According to People magazine .

At one point during the game, the two strangers — one from Massachusetts and the other from California — struck up a conversation and decided to purchase 50/50 raffle tickets together. If they won, the men, whose identities were not revealed, agreed to split the prize.

As fate would have it, they ended up winning the raffle jackpot, the Red Sox Foundation announced. The prize was worth more than $18,000, according to Boston station WHDH.

Following their win, the pair snapped a photo together in the stands.

The two were featured in their Red Sox gear with large grins on their faces as they fist-bumped and held up the paper with their winning numbers.

“The 50/50 made lifelong friends for these two & their families,” the Red Sox Foundation wrote beside the happy image.

It wasn’t just a victorious evening for the two men. The Red Sox also won on Friday, beating the Indians 8-5 in the first of a three-game series. They went on to win the next game on Saturday, 4-3, but lost in the final matchup on Sunday, 5-11.

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