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University of Buckingham honors its offer to students irrespective of A-level grades

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The University of Buckingham has honored its promise to prospective students, irrespective of the outcome of their A-level results according to Buckingham Advertiser.

Vice-chancellor of the University of Buckingham, Sir Anthony Seldon, said: “The University of Buckingham is to honor all offers made to prospective students prior to results day.”

Vice-chancellor designate James Tooley, who will succeed Sir Anthony on October 1, added: “After what they’ve had to go through, it’s the right thing to do morally to offer whatever help we can to reduce the anxiety they face.

“This decision is in keeping with the ethos of Buckingham, which is to treat students as individuals and to educate them in small-group tutorials as well as lectures because they are not just a number to us.”

Various universities around the UK such as the University of Leicester and some of the Oxford Colleges have also announced that they will be doing the same. This is in an attempt to encourage and support students through these exceptional times due to COVID 19.


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