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Vitalograph Celebrates 60 Years of Transforming Respiratory Healthcare: A Legacy of Innovation and Impact

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A Buckingham-based medical devices company, Vitalograph, is marking six decades of success this week, according to Bucks Herald.

Established in 1963 by the dynamic duo Dietmar and Margaret Garbe, the family-run enterprise has evolved into a global leader in respiratory diagnostics, boasting a workforce of 470 individuals worldwide.

Maintaining its roots in Maids Moreton, Vitalograph, currently under the leadership of founders’ son Bernard Garbe and CEO Frank Keane, has stood unwavering in its mission to improve the lives of individuals grappling with respiratory conditions.

Nestled in Maids Moreton House on the Vitalograph Business Park, the company not only develops and manufactures cutting-edge respiratory diagnostic solutions but also plays a pivotal role in providing clinical drug trial services. These services are instrumental in advancing the development of life-changing therapies, showcasing Vitalograph’s commitment to healthcare innovation.

Chairman Bernard Garbe reflected on the remarkable 60-year journey, stating, “Vitalograph’s goal has always been to empower healthcare professionals to give the best possible care to people living with respiratory conditions.” He emphasized the company’s strong focus on research and development, with a portfolio that has continually evolved over the decades, providing increasingly specific information about lung health.

The team in Maids Moreton and beyond takes immense pride in Vitalograph’s significant contribution to the healthcare landscape, a testament to the company’s enduring commitment to excellence and its impactful role in advancing respiratory healthcare.

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