Waste plant set to save £150m

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The Greatmoor Energy from Waste (EfW) facility near Woodham,  which just celebrated its third anniversary, is used to burn Buckinghamshire´s household waste to generate power for 40,000 homes.

This waste plant is the largest single investment that the County Council has ever made and it said to help saving an average of £5-million a year.

Leader of the BCC Councillor Martin Tett  predicts that the plant will help save £150 million over 30 years for the Council.

Greatmoor just greeted its 5,000th visitor as part of its ongoing education and visitor programme.

County Council Cabinet Member for Planning and Environment Bill Chapple OBE said: “As visitors find out when they tour the plant, Greatmoor has totally changed the way we handle our waste in Buckinghamshire. Instead of burying it in the ground, we use it to generate electricity that helps reduce the need for burning fossil fuels – and at the same time it makes great cost savings for the Council.”


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