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Alpaca walk helps Buckingham students de-stress

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Psychology students and other students from the University of Buckingham had the chance to walk with alpacas in a bid to boost their wellbeing, thanks to the university’s Friends group, according to Bucks Herald.

Twelve students enjoyed a calming walk with the animals at Animal Antiks, a farm in North Marston that offers sessions for individuals and groups to help with wellbeing.

Each of the 12 students had the opportunity to walk their own friendly alpaca.

Charlotte Carry, president of the university’s Psychology Society, said: “Everyone had a thoroughly memorable time and we are so grateful to the Friends for making it available to us.

“Not only did it allow some of our overseas students to experience something so British, but it was also great to see some of our more reticent members embrace the opportunity and have a great time too.”

Students on the walk at Animal Antiks

First year Psychology student Sandra Windmill said: “It was very enjoyable. This has made a lasting impression on me.”

The walk was sponsored by the Friends of the University of Buckingham, who organised the trip together with the Psychology Society.

Friends secretary Marilyn Fairclough said: “The stresses of university life are not always fully appreciated, and with the pressure to achieve, any respite from studies or revision must be welcome and valuable.”

The Friends of the University arrange activities to improve the experience of students while they study and live at Buckingham.

This year, they have seen an increase in the number of members joining the group, but they are always looking for more members.

As well as the chance to socialise, many of the Friends say what they enjoy most is being able to interact with students, whether it is being involved in a lecture or seeing the students having a lovely time chilling out with alpacas.

Members meet regularly throughout the year to enjoy a programme of events including the members’ monthly lunch, tours, concerts, Strawberry and Pimm’s evenings, concerts, barbecues, an annual dinner and quiz nights.

They also receive invitations to public lectures hosted by the university, as well as to other cultural events in Buckingham throughout the year.

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in supporting the university. See

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