Aylesbury beauty salon owner, jailed for sexually assaulting bikini wax customers

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Aylesbury beauty salon owner Jeremy Clark, aged 60, is starting a jail sentence for a series of sexual assaults on his bikini wax customers.

Some female clients complained to police after being sexually assaulted by Clark. But he arrogantly told investigators “they had a hell of a good time.”

A jury had convicted Clark after hearing evidence from three women complainants but a judge told him he was sure there were many, many more who had not yet come forward.

Grey-haired Clark, medically diagnosed as a narcissist, carried out the sex assaults while giving clients a wax treatment to remove unwanted pubic hair before they embarked on sunshine holidays wearing bikinis.

He carried out the assaults at his salon in Aylesbury over a number of years before his sexual antics were reported to the police.

A judge sitting at Amersham Crown Court heard that Clark “arrogantly” claimed that the women were having “a hell of a good time” and had consented in the moment “but obviously regretted it afterwards”.

However, the three victims said they felt humiliated, violated and angry about what happened. One of the them even left the Aylesbury Spa salon with sticky wax still on her private parts and only half the hair removed.

Clark, from High Street in nearby Chesham, Bucks, had offered his waxing and full body massages to women at his legitimate salon and then began sexually assaulting them in a “really subtle way.”

Judge Geoffrey Payne told the defendant: “I am sure this was part of your process to make it feel legitimate.”

He added that calculating Clark made the women feel like they were misinterpreting what had happened and touched them in a way that would lead to no resistance.

Clark, who was convicted of three counts of sexual assault by penetration, appeared at his sentencing hearing at Amersham Crown Court over video link from HMP Bullingdon in Oxfordshire, dressed in a dark grey sweater.

The defence barrister said that the trial had had a serious affect on his client’s mental health and he started refusing food and water to the point where he had to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

Sentencing him to seven years behind bars, Judge Payne said: “I am sure it was done for your sexual gratification.”

Clark must also sign onto the Sex Offenders’ Register for the rest of his life and has been banned from working with children and vulnerable adults.


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