Buckingham cafe and Aylesbury takeaway restaurant receive a score of two in recent food hygiene inspections

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The results of recent inspections show that two establishments in Aylesbury Vale have received poor ratings for their food hygiene.

Following recent council inspections, the Mediterranean Kebab House in Aylesbury and Bee’s Kitchen in Buckingham were both given ratings of two out of five, according to the most recent updates that have been posted on the website of the Food Standards Agency.

According to the Food Standards Agency, the score of two is the third lowest score that may be reported.

All businesses in Buckinghamshire that serve food receive grades between 0 and 5, with five being the highest possible rating.

A score of two indicates that there is room for improvement or that improvement is required.

The Bee’s Kitchen received ratings that were usually excellent in two of the three primary categories; nonetheless, an official from the Bucks council stated that the establishment ought to enhance both the cleanliness of its facilities and the condition of its facilities.

Sorce: The Bucks Herald

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