Buckingham centenarian: “Love is all you need to be happy”

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At Maids Moreton Hall, Gwen Edwards celebrated her 100th birthday.

The key to living a long and fulfilling life has been provided by a 100-year-old resident of a Buckingham care facility.

When Gwen Edwards, a resident of Maids Moreton Hall, turned 100, there was a special birthday celebration.

She said, thinking on the key to a long life, “Love is all you need to be happy.”

The head chef created a special birthday cake for everyone to enjoy during a surprise afternoon tea party, and the care home staff decorated the lounge with balloons and banners as part of the celebration.

Residents and employees in the home’s lounge were joined by Gwen’s family members and friends.

In Ecclesfield, Yorkshire, on November 7, 1922, Gwen was born. She received her teaching certification while attending Bingley College.

Following graduation, Gwen started working with nursery and young children in Birmingham before relocating to her hometown of Ecclesfield.

Gwen, who enjoyed gardening and the outdoors, later joined the Women’s Institute and historical clubs. Through the home’s gardening and history organisations, she continues to pursue her hobbies.

The three children of Gwen—her daughter Helen, son Simon, and granddaughter Emily—regularly pay her visits at Maids Moreton Hall.

The general manager of Maids Moreton, Ina Almasan, stated: “At Maids Moreton, we always like to throw a party for noteworthy milestones, and Gwen’s 100th birthday certainly called for a celebration.

With a surprise afternoon tea party and a toast to her outstanding milestone, it was wonderful to assist her in celebrating this incredible milestone with her family and friends here at Maids Moreton Hall.


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