Buckingham Council cautions drivers endangering children

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Drivers in Aylesbury Vale are being reminded to treat lollipop ladies and men with respect, and stop when they are asked to, according to The Bucks Herald.

The small army of 60 school crossing patrollers in Bucks are out morning and afternoon during the school term with their trusty ‘STOP’ signs to help children get to school safely. While most people appreciate their work, Bucks Council says a small minority of drivers can be abusive and put lives at risk with dangerous manoeuvres because they don’t want to stop.

There has been reported use of abusive language, failure to stop when the patroller is already standing in the road and swerving round the patroller to get past. The patrollers’ job is also made more difficult by drivers blocking pavements and stopping or parking in inconsiderate locations to drop off their children, particularly at ‘School Keep Clear’ markings and bus stops.

​In response, Bucks Council is relaunching its ‘Respect Me’ campaign to remind drivers to be more considerate and respectful of the job school crossing patrollers do.

Cabinet Member for Transport, Steven Broadbent said: “Our lollipop men and women are valuable members of our local school communities and are well loved and appreciated by the pupils and parents they help.

“We know that the majority of drivers are considerate but it seems that a minority are choosing to ignore the Highway Code and could be putting lives in danger. We will always have a zero-tolerance approach to behaviour which threatens the physical or mental wellbeing of our crossing patroller staff or which compromises the safety of those crossing the road.”

Drivers must stop when they are shown the STOP ‘lollipop’ sign. Failing to do so when requested can lead to a £1,000 fine, three penalty points and disqualification. Vehicles must also remain stationary until the pole has been lowered and the patroller is back on the pavement.

Image source: The Bucks Herald

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