NHS Trust faces £100 million high risk repair backlog

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The Bucks NHS Trust faces a £100 million repair backlog, according to data revealed this week.

In 2022-2023, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust ranked fourth highest in England for high risk repair backlog among general acute hospitals.

New figures from the BBC Shared Data Unit indicates the backlog amounted to £100.8 million during this period.

The trust explained that the large sum was due to old buildings and the expensive maintenance of Wycombe Hospital’s deteriorating tower. A spokesman said: “The Wycombe Hospital faces a maintenance backlog of around £100 million, with £80 million allocated to the tower.”

Monitoring the tower’s condition, which accommodates an intensive care unit and operating theaters, costs the trust £2 million  annually.
Wycombe Hospital, constructed in phases since the 1960s, is the primary location for planned surgeries within the trust.

Additionally, it provides specialised treatments and houses the Urgent Treatment Centre, catering to minor injuries and ailments.

The trust mentioned that numerous buildings fail to align with contemporary healthcare standards, such as Stoke Mandeville Hospital.


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