Bucks braced for snow

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Another yellow weather warning for snow and ice has been issued for Bucks this weekend, according to the Bucks Free Press.

The warning is in place between 12.00 on Saturday (Feburary 6) until 23.59 on Sunday (February 7).

The latest forecast states snow showers in the far North East of the UK are set to spread southwards, with a chance of heavier snow for a time in the south.

In addition to these showers, there is a risk of an extended period of more persistent snowfall could impact parts of South East England overnight on Saturday and through Sunday.

Some areas could receive around 15cm of snow, according to forecasters The Met Office.

The Met Office have said: “The Midlands and South East England is the area most likely to see disruptive snow accumulating more widely, from later Saturday until the middle of Sunday.”

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