Bucks Council reveals a £4 million funding initiative to enhance 5G connectivity across the county

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A £4 million initiative, in collaboration with neighboring counties, will introduce 5G masts and boosters in rural Buckinghamshire. The deployment of 5G infrastructure will take place along the new Cambridge-to-Oxford East West Rail route, passing through Milton Keynes and Winslow, according to Buckinghamshire Council. The government-funded project aims to provide enhanced access to 5G technology for isolated communities and businesses, aligning with the current global standard for mobile networks. Buckinghamshire Council leader Martin Tett emphasized that the focus is on integrating 5G into new infrastructure rather than erecting numerous new masts, ensuring a positive impact on communities.

Councillor Tett highlighted historical limitations faced by Buckinghamshire in terms of high-speed broadband and 5G access compared to larger cities. Improving connectivity is a top priority for the council. The collaborative effort involves working with local authorities in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Central Bedfordshire, and Cambridgeshire, collectively known as ‘England’s Connected Heartland’ under the 5G project. The initiative centers around the Harwell Science and Innovation Park in Oxfordshire and the new East West Rail route.

The council stated that the improved 5G connectivity is expected to generate increased productivity, fostering GDP growth, job creation, and reduced energy consumption through decreased travel and expanded remote working opportunities. Although Harwell is located outside Buckinghamshire, there is optimism that the success of the scheme can be replicated at similar sites within the county.

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