Bucks pupils urged to walk or cycle to school

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Buckinghamshire Council is encouraging students to walk, scoot, cycle or travel by public transport when they go back to school in the coming days to avoid traffic on the roads, Buckingham Today reports.

Lockdown helped to show us all the benefits of getting out and walking or cycling by keeping us fit and aiding our mental health.

Pupils can also do their bit to support the environment and help reduce congestion and improve road safety around their schools by choosing to walk, cycle, scoot, or use public transport to get to school.

“Walking, cycling, or scooting to school is great for health, socializing, and for the environment,” said Steven Broadbent, cabinet member for transport.

“Parents driving children to school are one of the main contributors to localized congestion and road safety issues around schools and so, where possible, I’d encourage students to put their best foot forward and walk, bike, use a scooter or take the bus or train to school”, he added.
Image credit: Evening Standard

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