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Carpenter’s hand saved by sewing it to his groin for two weeks

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Surgeons at St George Hospital in London managed to save Anthony Lelliott’s hand during a complex operation that lasted 17 hours, according to the Huffington Post

Mr Lelliott, 46, and carpenter by profession almost cut his hand completely whilst in the process of chopping floorboards.

At St George Hospital in South London, doctors were able to restore his hand by attaching it to his groin for a duration of two weeks, in order to help the skin grow back.

Consultant and plastic surgeon Roger Adlard, who was called to partake in the surgery said  that it was “probably the most complex amputation” he has ever done.

Dr Adlard called his colleague Farida Ali, who as is a plastic surgeon, called to his aid with the operation. This entailed fixing the broken bones and harvesting nerve and vein grafts from his forearm and foot to bridge the gaps across his wounds.

According to Dr Adlard he also added “There are many surgeons who, once they’d seen that level of injury, would think it was unsalvageable.”

Lelliot, who is from Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, said that he had lost a lot of blood and that he did not recall anything from the accident.

After working with therapists, he made some progress in moving and being able to feel his hand again.

He said “Words can’t describe it because I was expecting to wake up without a hand.
“It’s unbelievable really, I’m so grateful.”


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