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Coronation Buzz in Bucks: ‘excited’ or ‘indifferent’ ?

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A couple of days to go until king Charles III’s coronation, as preparations are still in full swing in small town Buckingham.

On 6 May the King will be crowned alongside Camilla, the Queen Consort, at Westminster Abbey in London.

Throughout the country plans are being made to ring for the King on the day. The bell ringers of Buckingham are hard at work preparing for their part in the historic event.

Led by Andrew Spencer, the Tower captain, training bell ringers practice tirelessly in the St Peter and Paul church, where they will ring the bells in Buckingham.

Anne Mercer, Bell ringer said: “It’s a technique, the hardest is ringing the up and pulling the bell up onto the balance, and after that it is technique”

Preparations are underway all over the town as bells are ringing, flags are being put up on buildings across the community and stores along with houses display celebratory items for the event.

Micheal Harrison, local resident, said: “I am excited and looking forward to it, I think he’ll make a good king as well”

Not everyone is equally excited about the event, some people in town feel indifferent towards the upcoming celebration

Onyinye, University Student, said: “ I feel indifferent about the coronation to be honest, with the economic crisis the funds that go into the preparation could better off be used like to pay the workers are on strike.”

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