Fitness centres in Aylesbury and Buckingham start an initiative geared at seniors

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The purpose of this campaign is to encourage people to try something new.

To encourage adults over 60 to continue active, a campaign has been launched across the UK, including fitness centres in Aylesbury and Buckingham.

The Aqua Vale Swimming Pool and Swan Pool and Leisure Centre are hosting the one-month promotion.

With the introduction of its Age Is Just a Number campaign, Everyone Active is trying to inspire more individuals over 60 to become physically and intellectually active.

The programme, now in its second year, honours seniors by presenting their fitness success stories and demonstrating what can be accomplished by being active into old age.

The campaign began last Monday, November 1, and it will last through Wednesday, November 30. Special sessions will also be held at the adjacent Chilterns Lifestyle Center, Chalfont Leisure Center, and Chesham Leisure Center.

Senior badminton and senior short tennis are two of them. Senior racket sports and senior swimming are offered at the Chilterns Lifestyle Center, Chalfont Leisure Centre, and Chesham Leisure Centre, respectively.

Everyone Active’s contract manager, Steve Salwa, stated: “We are happy to provide our members with a warm and welcoming environment that inspires people of all ages to get active.

“It is crucial for local residents 60 years of age and older to maintain physical activity and social engagement.

“This campaign aims to motivate people to try a new activity or engage in basic workouts each week at home, assisting people of all abilities in discovering the various ways they can enjoy being active,” reads the mission statement.

Rena Hume, a local legend who has been working out at Chalfont Leisure Centre since 1995, is one of the amateur athletes participating in the programme in Bucks. At 93 years old, she is still going strong.

65-year-old Sharon Duncan has been visiting the same facility for 15 years.

Grant Hardy, 76, who underwent a knee replacement in 2018, used aqua exercises to speed up his recuperation. He has shed 38 pounds over the last two years.

There are 220 separate Everyone Active centres in England; more details about the business and the November campaign are available here.

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