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Joe Biden received the most votes in history, expected to win the election.

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Many ballots are yet to be counted, but Joe Biden has already received the most votes in a US election in history, currently claiming 71,203,454 votes, which surpasses the 69,498,516 Barack Obama gained in 2008, according to The Guardian.

This year’s US elections have a record-high turnout. Despite the pandemic, this year’s turnout will be perhaps the highest since 1900.

According to the interim results, Joe Biden is projected to win in a key state Michigan, where his rival, Donald Trump, led earlier today.

Biden’s campaign also expects victory in another key state, Pennsylvania, where the Democrat narrows Trump’s lead as the number of counted votes progresses.

“I feel very good about Pennsylvania, almost all the remaining votes to be counted are mail-in ballots, and we’ve been winning 78% of those,” said Joe Biden at a press conference in Wilmington.

Donald Trump is demanding a recount in Wisconsin and a suspension of the count in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Trump’s campaign has announced an appeal to the Supreme Court in an attempt to stop arriving mail-in ballots from being counted in Pennsylvania right after Trump’s son falsely claimed the state as their victory.

At one of the polling stations in Detroit, Michigan, a group of Trump supporters demanded access to the building so that they could observe the counting of votes.

The group was causing unrest in front of the polling station, chanting: “stop the count”.

If Joe Biden keeps his lead in Nevada and Arizona, he will become the next US president.

Joe Biden believes that when the count is over, he will become the next US president; however, he has not yet declared himself the winner.

“I will work as hard for those who didn’t vote for me as I will for those who did vote for me,” said Biden.

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