Man convicted of murdering his wife at Milton Keynes home

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A man has been convicted of murder after repeatedly stabbing his wife to death in Milton Keynes, a three-week trial heard.

Officers discovered 43-year-old Ranjit Gill lying wrapped in a duvet and bin liners in the garage of her family home in Beresford Close.

She had sustained significant injuries and had been deceased at the scene for some time, police say.

Her husband, Anil Gill, aged 47 of Beresford Close was convicted by a unanimous jury last Thursday, at Luton Crown Court, on one count of murdering his wife.

The court heard that officers were called to the property on Beresford Close, Emmerson Valley, by the 47-year-old at around 10:10am on Sunday January 31, reporting that he had killed his wife.

He was arrested immediately on suspicion of murder.

A post-mortem examination determined that Ranjit had died as a result of multiple stab wounds.

On Monday 1 February, Anil Gill was charged with one count of murder.

Sentencing will take place today at the same court (15/11).

Senior investigation officer, Detective Inspector Nicola Douglas of Thames Valley Police’s Major Crime Unit, said: “Anil Gill brutally murdered his wife in their family home, stabbing her at least 18 times.

“He then spent several hours cleaning up the scene, wrapping Ranjit’s body in bin bags and moving her to the garage, before showering and going to bed.

“He called the police later that morning to say what he had done, immediately making excuses and blaming Ranjit for his appalling actions.

“Throughout the trial Anil Gill claimed that he was not guilty of murder, but admitted to manslaughter, accepting he had unlawfully killed Ranjit.

“He denied he had intended to cause her serious harm and also put forward the partial defence of loss of control because of things he said Ranjit had said and done to him.

“This has never been accepted by the prosecution or Ranjit’s family and has not been accepted by the jury.

“It is clear that Anil Gill knew exactly what he was doing when he repeatedly stabbed Ranjit to death.

“He was a controlling husband who had physically and mentally abused Ranjit during their marriage.

“His callous actions have caused pain, grief and immense anguish for Ranjit’s family and friends, and I would like to thank them for their unwavering support throughout our investigation and during this trial.

“My thoughts remain with them following this devastating incident. I can only imagine how difficult the loss of their loved one has been and continues to be.

“I am grateful to the jury for reaching their verdict on this case.

“No one should have to suffer domestic abuse and we would encourage anyone who is being abused to please report it.

“If you are in immediate danger please dial 999, you can also report using our online domestic abuse reporting page or if you are not in immediate danger you can call 101.”

Image source: Thames Valley Police

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