Ambulance visit delights nursery children

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An ambulance crew delighted pre-schoolers with a visit to Buckingham’s Field House Day Nursery. The NHS South Central vehicle arrived at Tingewick Road fully staffed and with one parent on board.

Paramedics demonstrated the workings of defibrilators and monitors and the children had a chance to try their hand with stretchers and stethoscopes during a role-playing session, all to the sound of blaring sirens.

Field House Day Nursery Quality Manager, Kirsty Freshwater described it as “a fantastic opportunity for the children to gain a better understanding of the ambulance service and the vital role they play within our community”.

She added: “The group have been so inspired by the visit and we are hugely grateful to the crew for taking time out of their busy schedules to create such a memorable learning experience for our little ones.”

IMAGE SOURCE: The Bucks Herald

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